Junior Development


The most effective way to improve is with one-on-one instruction.  The student and instructor work as a team, developing key fundamentals and techniques.  Each lesson includes a digital video recording with voiceover for review and proper practice.


  • Individual Junior Lessons are $80 per 1-hour session

  • Individual Junior Playing lessons are $185 for 9 holes, green fee included

  • All Lessons, clinics, camps will take place at Wildhorse Golf Club/Robson Ranch, Denton Texas

  • Robson Ranch residents please call or email for special pricing


Discounts are offered with our popular package offerings below:

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Par Plan - $599

  • Six 1-hour lessons with video

  • One 9-hole playing lesson

  • Establish short game skills (putting, chipping, pitching)

  • Develop proper full swing mechanics

  • 9 holes of on-course instruction

  • Focus on sportsmanship, etiquette, strategy and more


A 10% savings!

Birdie Plan - $1129

  • Twelve 1-hour lessons with video

  • Two 9-hole playing lessons

  • Develop and maintain a consistent, versatile short game

  • Groove proper swing mechanics and maintain improvements

  • Learn trouble shots (bunker, lob, punch, etc.)

  • 18 holes of on-course instruction

  • Focus on competition golf, sportsmanship, strategy, decision making and more


A 20% savings!