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Game Assessment

Lone Star Golf Academy has established five individual components that measure the essentials of shooting lower scores. The Game Assessment determines each individual's strengths and weaknesses. After the Game Assessment, focus shifts to developing weaknesses into strengths.


Our Game Assessment tests your basic golf skills:


  • Putting- Short Putts, Lag Putts

  • Chipping- 0-20 yards

  • Pitching- 30-60 yards

  • Greenside/Fairway Bunker

  • Full Swing- Pre-swing Fundamentals

Academy Hours


Tuesday thru Saturday
9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Game Assessment is 60 minutes. The skills test takes approximately 15 minutes with 45 minutes of follow- up instruction. The instruction will cover whatever areas need the most improvement based upon the skills test. After the assessment is completed identifying weaknesses and formulating a plan is simple.

It is designed to determine what areas of your game need the most improvement. Follow up lessons will then be tailored for your individual goals.

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